Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

 1. Welcome to Youth Technology.

 Your contract with us contains these terms and conditions ("Agreement"). You acknowledge that you have read and accepted the contract and decide to confirm them. If you do not agree (or cannot perform) the contract, you will not be able to use the tool, but please send us a message via info@youthtech.com.np so that we can seek an explanation. These terms apply to all friends, consumers and others who request to contact or use the facility.

 2. Clause

 By opening the website of https://www.youthtech.com.np, you agree to ensure that these installation clauses, all valid laws and rules, and determine your own local rules. If you do not agree to any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this website. The resources on this website are protected by appropriate copyright and trademark laws.

 3. Use permission

 decided to authorize Youth Technology  Copies of temporary download resources (information or software) on the  website are only used for private, non-commercial short-term visits. This is a certificate contribution, not a transfer of ownership. According to this license, you must not:

 change or copy the resource; otherwise, you will not be able to obtain the license.

 uses resources for any profitable activity or any public display (for sale or non-commercial use); try to Youth Technology. The restricted software information on the  website is decompiled or reverse engineered, any patents or other proprietary schematics are deleted from the resources; or the resources are transferred to other people or "mirror" things on other servers. If you violate any of these restrictions, the license will be routinely discarded and may be terminated by Youth Technology for a period of time. By discarding the display of these components or at the end of this license, you must terminate all reproduction resources controlled in electronic or written form.

 4. Disclaimer

 Youth Technology  The resources on the  website are provided "as is". Youth Technology  does not make any verbal or indirect guarantees, and hereby denies and denies all other guarantees, including but not limited to indirect guarantees or marketability, applicable to specific resolutions or non-infringement of intellectual property or new property. . In additionYouth Technology  does not allow or show any indication of the accuracy, possible results or reliability of the use of resources on its website or after connecting to such resources or certain websites related to this website.

 5. Resource Truth

 Resources at Youthtech's website may contain mechanical, printing or precision faultsYouthtech does not allow any resources on its website to be correct, complete or existing. Youthtech  may change the limited resources on its website at some point without sending any signal. However, Youth Technology  No commitment has been made to report the resources.

 6. Links

Youthtech  has not yet modified all the websites related to its website and assumes no responsibility for the filling of certain linked websites. The existence of any link does not mean that Youthtech  is authorized, The limited partnership website, The user assumes the risk of using certain affiliated websites.

 7. Modification of terms

 We may adjust the terms by placing the edited terms on this website within a certain period of time. You are required to review these terms from time to time. If you frequently use the "stage" next to the "revised terms" it means that you have received and approved these versions. You are expected to check this page frequently to alert you to any variant, which is essential for you. If you continue to visit or use our facilities, the next time a comment is activated, you can be sure that the revised terms are confirmed. If you are unsure of the latest terms, you will no longer be approved for use of the tool.

 8. Acknowledgments

 These terms and conditions are governed by Nepalese law and are interpreted with your consent. You will permanently obey the high authority of the public or the local court. Send your answers, comments and requests for official support by email: info@youthtech.com.np.